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Thursday, February 11, 2010

NY Fashion Week: Day 1

The blizzard that buried the city in snow the last 48 hours did not stop any of New York's fashion elite from donning their best for the opening day of New York Fashion Week. Bryant Park was covered in ice, and although I witnessed a few near spills from girls in towering heels, most people sucked it up and braved the conditions, albeit on a beautifully sunny day. Many saw it as an opportunity to display innovative outwear combos accented surprisingly often by mid-calf or knee-high Timberlands, which are clearly making a huge comeback and Russian fur hats. The inner-woods(wo)man exposed.

I did not stay out for long, mainly because this California girl is not equipped to handle the chilly New York air unless she is running laps or spending less than 15 minutes outside. Regardless, I caught a few good ones of some jazzy men outside the tents.


Guess all those ladies who have been carrying their big "it" bags for the past few seasons have passed them on to their male-friends. It clearly is the must-have accessory for men. However, I am very intrigued with what they put inside these giant things. Without makeup, changes of clothes, beauty products and other such things women shove into their purses, what's left to carry? Thoughts welcome.

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