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Saturday, February 20, 2010

NY Fashion Week: Y-3 and Perry Ellis

This was my first NY Fashion Week and I had invitations to a few shows, which made it that more exciting. I learned very quickly that it is pointless to even try and photograph anything that happens in them - everything is so dark, so far and moving so fast. Fashion shows take longer to seat everyone than to present the show, but the most fun part is certainly checking out everyone's outfits.

Regardless, I had to document the outings. The Y-3 show was amazing. Not a whole lot I would personally wear, but Yohji Yamamoto's collections are always very daring and present things I've never seen before. He is the man responsible for the hammer pant in the 80s... Plus it brought out a few big names and the photogs went nuts when Ciara came in.

Check out Y3's full collection to see some actual details.

I also went to Perry Ellis, which was a really interesting collection full of looks with a richly warm color palate featuring loads of velvet and patchwork leather and styled nicely with lots of scarves, suspenders and bow ties. Very steampunk, yet wearable.

Check out all of the Perry Ellis looks or check out this runway video, which they streamed live during the show.

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